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Software Development

Since different websites have different requirements due to the purposes they are to serve, a necessity may arise to create customized web-based solutions. Such applications will be integrated into a website or websites to serve our clients' needs. For instance, this year we have developed the second version of an unrivaled platform for generating family trees for the Rodovid genealogy portal.

When developing new websites or re-developing the existing ones we can use PHP, ColdFusion and other reflective languages, JSP and SSI technologies, basically, any kind of software. Development of up-to-date functional websites requires the knowledge of relational, hierarchic, and other kinds of databases for dynamic and easy content management on such websites. However, the development of interesting websites, which would serves as one-time visit cards, requires the most up-to-date, i.e. more difficult knowledge and skills.

What is important to keep in mind about the process is that all the software elements, which are needed for the development of websites, were written a long time ago. So, in many cases it is simply enough to add a few strokes to create a unique piece of work. However, to do so you need to know what can be used and in which way, and, of course, how it works. And we do.