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Website Development

Development of a website is a complex process. It requires the involvement of different specialists who step in at different stages of work. We divide the work on a website into the following phases:

  • Website planning — this is the analytical part when the purpose of a website and its audience are determined, and website content is evaluated and organized
  • Layout design — this is the creative part that includes graphic design of elements on the homepage and internal pages of a website using computer graphic editors and a simple pencil
  • Static typical page coding — this is the transition part from design to programming when graphics are laid out into static HTML pages
  • Server setup — this is the initial programming part when the server on which a website is to be hosted is configured and prepared for the installation of content management software
  • Installation of CMS — this is the intermediate programming part when a Content Management System (CMS) is installed on the hosting server to be used later for easy creation of webpages on the website
  • Setting design on server — this is the final programming part of the process when static HTML pages are converted into dynamic pages and are incorporated into the CMS with the use of different programming languages
  • Content publication — this is the text editing part of the work when content like text, images, and other media is published on the website to serve information and/or other purposes.

The above-mentioned structure only gives a general idea of how the development of a website is organized at Beagle. Since there can be different kinds of websites that are meant to serve different purposes, they may require more components. Among such components we can mention a gallery, which can store photos in an organized way, a forum, which can be used for discussing various topics related to the nature of a specific website, Flash elements, and other kinds of commercial and custom-made sotware elements.