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Web Applications

Creation of customized software applications is often required by projects that are to be equipped with special features. Beagle has got a number of web applications on its record. The most fundametal one is the server software for generating family trees, which is used by the Rodovid genealogy portal.

Rodovid Engine 0.2

Fragment of a family tree page generated by Rodovid Engine 0.2

The Rodovid Engine 0.2 platform was implemented on Rodovid genealogy portal. on 19 June 2007 after 15 months development phase. The engine has significantly decreased server loading and made the creation of genealogical records faster and more simple.

Rodovid Engine 0.1

Rodovid Engine is server software developed by Beagle based on the MediaWiki platform especially for the Rodovid genealogy portal. In addition to all the useful features of the wiki technology, Rodovid Engine enables simple creation of genealogical records on the website and generates family trees based on such records. The main features of the Rodovid Engine are:

  • fast generation of family trees that can contain thousands of people in dozens of generations,
  • compact layout of family trees,
  • the unique Lineage feature shows all the people belonging to the same lineage in the same color, thus greatly simplifying the process of reading the family trees.

Rodovid Engine enables work with records in different languages. This has become possible thanks to the interlinked database implemented on the Rodovid genealogy portal. A record added in one localization of Rodovid can be viewed in all other localizations; all the explanatory notes like names, places, and events are automatically translated into the language of a localization. To translate their records completely, the users only need to translate their contributions like proper names of people and places. As of July 2007, the Rodovid genealogy portal. had localizations in 17 languages.

The Rodovid Engine 0.1 platform was implemented on the Rodovid genealogy portal in September 2005 and since then has seen a number of enhancements.