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Content Management

Development of a website usually takes about five weeks. This time is needed to develop the concept and architecture of the website, design its pages, and do all the programming. What comes next is the management of content on the website. Content management is a time consuming process, especially when the completed website needs to be filled out with initial content.

There are two options for working with content on the websites, which we develop for our clients:

  1. Clients change and update information on their websites themselves, or
  2. Clients commission Beagle specialists to work with content on their websites.

If the first option is selected, we train our clients to work with content on their websites using a Content Management System (CMS). In the second option, our clients will be able to monitor Beagle specialists' work with content on their websites also with the help of the CMS.

The first option may be suitable for big corporate clients whose websites need to be continuously updated by several employees. The second option is a better choice for small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations that need to update information on their websites from time to time and wish to benefit from the reduced need for additional workforce.