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Website of the A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers


Book description page. Screenshot of 30 November 2009

The A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers is the leading Ukrainian children's publishing house and one of the most famous publishing houses in Eastern Europe. A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA was conceived and created by Ukrainian poet and publisher Ivan Malkovych.

It took us (Beagle + A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA) more than 12 months to develop and publish initial content on the website. The layout of the homepage is based on the design of ABABA's print poster, which resembles a blanket. Internal pages are displayed above the "blanket." Images of book covers and book openings can be magnified.

The website was launched on 30 December 2008.